VPS – Why Is It Important For Large Companies

VPS or virtual private server is an answer for websites that require large capacity, with a large number of visits or traffic. This type of server is the answer to the need for extensive server space for businesses and businesses that are being undertaken. But wait, before we further discuss about VPS, and what makes this server should be the choice for businesses and large companies, first we must discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and what is VPS.

For a large company, what is needed is not just a resource or tactic and a reliable marketing strategy to invite more people to visit your website. There is another important need that must be considered, namely the server.

Speaking of servers, in general there are three types of servers and hosting that are most commonly used. First, Shared Hosting, then there is a Dedicated Server, and finally, Virtual Private Server or VPS.

Difference between Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers

Shared hosting

As the name suggests is hosting a server that is shared with other users. This type of hosting is usually easy, and the price is cheap. To understand more about this type of hosting, just imagine a computer server where RAM , CPU, Memory, until the performance is divided into several other websites in the same shared hosting.

All of these features are shared equally on all websites connected to the shared hosting. Which means of course, the resource capacity , RAM / Memory, hard drive capacity, and CPU that your website gets will not be large. So what often happens, when a website suddenly gets high traffic, the possibility of a server being down or not being accessible will be even greater.

This type of hosting is suitable if the website you have does not have traffic that is not so high. More easily, this type of shared hosting is right for personal websites.

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Dedicated Server

Shifting from shared hosting, there is another server system called Dedicated Server . This type is the opposite of shared hosting and has several advantages. Especially for websites with high and consistent traffic. As the name implies, the Dedicated Server gives the website one (or maybe several) own servers. Starting from the recource, RAM / Memory, hard drive capacity, and CPU all belong to the website itself.

The advantage is of course, the website will not and may rarely experience a server down . As well as the overall performance of the website which is more smooth and controlled. Perfect, isn’t it?

Not really, because Dedicated Hosting requires greater work. And need more technical knowledge to be able to operate this type of hosting. And of course fix it if a problem occurs. Time, energy , knowledge, and expensive prices make even large companies still reluctant to look at this Dedicated Hosting for their business website.

This big company actually looks more at the choice of the third type of server, VPS or Virtual Private Server .


The easiest and most basic understanding of this type of server is a server that is between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Starting from features that are flexible, scalable, to economical in terms of price. There are several features, which are the advantages of shared hosting that can be obtained from VPS. And there are several advantages of Dedicated Servers, which can also be found on this server.

On VPS, you will get your own RAM and disk capacity. Which makes the performance on this one server much better than using shared hosting. On the other hand, this server still uses the same processing capacity or CPU as other websites. This is of course a distinct disadvantage if your website is consistent and continues to get high traffic.

But if not, this won’t be a problem because the speed of performance will depend more on RAM and disks from the server. This is what ultimately makes VPS best used for large companies that are not ready to use a Dedicated Server, but it should leave far behind shared hosting. To find out more, take a look at the SSD Cloud Server from Dewaweb and enjoy the free trial for 30 days.

The distribution of CPU capacity for this website will also depend on the respective provider. Where there will be providers with greater capacity, and there are also providers that do not provide large capacity. With this capacity, VPS users can certainly install the various software needed.

Lack of Use of VPS

web hosting services

The disadvantages of using VPS, compared to the use of Shared Hosting, are certainly more expensive prices. Although when compared to a Dedicated Server, the price tagged with VPS is certainly cheaper.

VPS capacity indeed depends on each service provider provider. There are several providers who will provide VPS with large capacity. And there are also some providers that provide only enough capacity. The different VPS capacity is indeed no other because the VPS or virtual private service still depends on the CPU capacity of the server that is owned by the provider.

This is of course different from the type of Dedicated Server where all capacities will belong to one user and are free to use. On VPS, even though they already have their own RAM and disk capacity, the CPU that is used still has to share with other users. That’s why each provider has a different capacity. Read our article about installing webmin guides on VPS CentOs 6 .

Another disadvantage of VPS is the type of service provider. Because not all providers provide customer service services to VPS users as well as users of Shared Hosting. But it still gets several levels of service services when compared to users of Dedicated Server services.

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of server, especially for virtual private servers. This time it will still be about VPS, as well as the features offered.

As explained above, there are several features provided by the provider for VPS type server users. Which is of course, of course, the “space” of RAM and disk, which has all the capacity for one user But besides that there is also one other feature of using VPS, which is a distinct advantage. This feature is the VPS Burstabel.

Does the company need a VPS?

Then, does the company need a VPS? The answer to this question, yes. Large companies should use VPS instead of using shared hosting servers or even using a dedicated server.

Shared servers certainly make your website often experience a digg effect or server down. As for using a dedicated server, maybe the website has not consistently gotten high traffic. Those who ultimately use large capacity servers will only be a waste of money and energy. This is why finally, virtual private servers should be the mainstay of large companies.

As mentioned above, using VPS provides a series of advantages. Starting from privacy that is more maintained with the user providing almost all elements of hosting, starting from the software and various plugins needed. As well as the user himself who will later handle most of the handling process used in hosting later. This is of course different from shared hosting which is more vulnerable.

Although of course the VPS has some disadvantages of its own. But for large companies, there are ways to overcome the shortcomings that exist in VPS. Again, of course when compared to two other hosting servers that have the same or even more deficiencies.