Here are the 6 Most Popular Control Panel Hosting

Besides determining cheap hosting services that are in line with the budget, you should also choose the hosting control panel. This hosting control panel contains various facilities to manage all functions on the server. Come on, see some control panels that are currently used by various web hosting services in the world!

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The first control panel is Plesk. Plesk is currently available for Linux and Windows OS servers. Even though Plesk is quite popular, this control panel is quite complicated to be accessed by newbie Indonesian hosting users , because it has an interface that is quite confusing and requires users to have web server knowledge if they want to do optimization.

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The second is EHCP, which stands for Easy Hosting Control Panel. EHCP is a control panel based on open-source, you can use to host websites, create e-mail, FTP and sub domain accounts for free. It should be known by the users of cheap hosting , EHCP is the first control panel for hosting written in PHP.


Another control panel that also needs to be known by Indonesian hosting users is VestaCP. Just like EHCP, this control panel is based on open source, so it can be used free of charge. Besides being present with features to be used to manage websites easily, VestaCP also comes with an Indonesian language support display .


Next is Webuzo, a product from Softaculous. This control panel comes with quite complete features, including an auto install script. However, what is lacking, Webuzo does not support DNS clusters and most existing features must be installed by you manually.


sPanel is a Unix / Linux-based (currently, Debian-based) control panel hosting that was independently developed by one of the largest web hosting companies in Indonesia. sPanel has a fairly simple web interface, including a light text version of the bandwidth, as well as several unique features such as 3 months backup history that can be browsed / restored per file, CGI script security mechanisms, etc. When compared to most other control panels (as mentioned above), sPanel uses more in the command linethan GUI (Graphical User Interface). Therefore, for users who might not be too familiar with Linux / Unix commands, there might be a little difficulty in using sPanel. Currently, sPanel still doesn’t support many auto installer scripts as well as softaculous in the Panel. For CMS WordPress, Joomla, PhpBB, Prestashop, MyBB, OpenCart, Moodle and Drupal , automatic installation can be done via sPanel.


Finally, cPanel is the most popular and most commonly used web hosting control panel used by most web hosting service providers in Indonesia and the world. cPanel has the most complete features that you can use to manage all your website creation needs, through a responsive and easy to use interface. Most interestingly, cPanel also comes with an auto fix feature, providing practical solutions to problems encountered by its users. For all Dewaweb friends who may not be too familiar with the world of web or hosting, we strongly recommend using cPanel as your hosting server’s control panel because of its user-friendly nature and until now it is still being developed.

Using one of the six control panels above, you will be facilitated in all matters in making a website. Apart from the 6 types of control panels described above, there are actually a number of others that we don’t mention here. Some might argue that using any hosting control panel will be the same. However, it would be nice if the cheap hosting service that you use provides the most powerful control panel facilities for Dewaweb’s best friends to maximize!