Cloud Hosting Resource Optimization Tips

One of the advantages of cheap cloud hosting in Dewaweb is that each customer gets an allocation of resources (resources) CPU and RAM (called “Cloud Power”) according to the hosting package ordered. This makes resource allocation fair and prevents abuse by other users or usually called the “bad neighbor effect”.

However, the Friend’s website is inseparable from the name of running out of resources. This can happen because a friend’s website is increasingly crowded with customers or because of updates from WordPress (or other CMS) and plugins that are increasingly hungry for resources. If the Friends website resources run out, then there will be a bottleneck that causes the website to be slow to access or connection timeout (Website Error 503). Make sure the use of the Friends website’s resources is always below the limit allocated according to the Friends hosting package.

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For this reason, Dewaweb provides tools that can be opened on cPanel cloud hosting. Please click on the “Resource Usage” icon in cPanel and Friends will be able to see the history of CPU usage, Memory, and other resources in real-time up to 1 month back.

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Then what if the your website has used all available resources? There are 3 choices of solutions:

Optimize the script or reduce the plugins used on your website. To check which WordPress plugins take up the most resources, please use the P3 Profiler plugin –

Do various kinds of WordPress optimizations like the following:

One of the links above, recommends upgrading the PHP version to the latest version. Dewaweb now supports the PHP 7 version ! WordPress that runs in PHP version 7 according to the benchmark is faster than version 5.6. Take advantage of the feature of replacing your PHP version easily through cPanel Dewaweb. The way please click this link . However, you need to be careful before upgrading the PHP version. Always remember to do a full backup before making any changes to cPanel.

Upgrade to a higher hosting package to get more hosting resource allocation. Contact us if you want to upgrade the package for a few days to see the effect on the Friends website. We will give you a free trial upgrade even to the Corporates package for a few days! Upgrading will not make your website a friend down, because upgrades are done instantly thanks to Dewaweb’s cloud hosting technology and the difference in website loading speed can be felt immediately. 503 error was immediately resolved.