Make Sure, You Know The Tips for Choosing Hosting for Beginners!

Choosing web hosting , it’s like choosing a home for our website. Before buying a house in the real world, of course there are many things that we must consider.

Also, with a home for our website. Dropping the choice of one web hosting provider , certainly not an easy matter. Moreover, for those of us who are still unfamiliar with the technical aspects of the world of marketing. Here are some tips for choosing hosting , especially for those of us who are beginners.

Tips for Choosing Hosting

1. Adjust to the capacity and resources we need

Tips for choosing the first hosting is, first know what your website resource needs are. Next, find a service package that suits the needs of our website.

Resource means web hosting resources, as a place to store our website on the internet. These resources include diskspace (website data storage space), RAM, EP, and I / O.


Choose a web hosting package that has diskspace capacity that suits the needs of our website. In addition to the amount of capacity that must be appropriate, the type of storage media must not be overlooked. Instead of choosing HDD, it’s better to use web hosting that already uses SSD. Because, the SSD proved 8 times faster than the HDD.

There’s nothing wrong with trying the latest storage technologies like NVMe. Better than SSD, NVMe Now available cloud hosting uses affordable NVMe storage technology from Jagoan Hosting .

Random Access Memory (RAM)

If diskspace is a permanent storage place for a file hosting, RAM is a temporary storage file. The greater the RAM, the faster, web hosting processes access our website.


Choose hosting that provides large bandwidth, even unlimited. If the bandwidth provided is large, the website will load faster because the server is able to transfer larger data every second.

This does not make data transfer large, because the amount of data transfer depends on the number of website visitors and the size of our website files (including images, audio, video etc.). The greater the number of visitors, the greater the amount of data transferred from your website, the greater the data transfer.

Entry Process (EP)

Entry Process (EP) is a benchmark for calculating the number of website scripts that are processed by web hosting at one time. The time unit used is millisecond.

For example, for the Cloud Hosting package NVMe: SUPERSTAR has 170 EP, meaning that within 1 millisecond, the hosting can process 170 website scripts.

I / O

The next specification of web hosting that you can’t miss is I / O or Input Output. I / O determines how fast your web hosting download and download.

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2. Select the appropriate server location

Today many web hosting providers offer server location options according to website requirements. Like, Indonesia server , US server , etc. The choice of server location should be adjusted to the target market / target of our website visitors.

If the target of our website’s main visitors is domestic visitors, then it is better to choose an Indonesian web hosting server . Conversely, if the main target audience of our website is foreign visitors, then there’s nothing wrong with trying US web hosting servers .

3. Note also the provisions of bandwidth offered

Previously, what was bandwidth? In short, bandwidth is the amount of data transfer in bits / seconds or bits per second (bps).

If the bandwidth provided is large, the website will load faster because the server is able to transfer larger data every second.

4. Friendly prices

It is undeniable, the price offered is one of the tips for choosing a hosting that cannot be missed. As the saying goes that we often hear in society, prices determine quality, sometimes not entirely true.

As a buyer, of course we want to choose cheap and quality web hosting , right? For that, look at the specifications and prices offered, so that we get excellent quality web hosting , but at an affordable price.

5. Services that are always ready are also one of the main points

Service is one of the points for choosing vital hosting . Imagine, if our website suddenly becomes inaccessible, of course it is troubling, right?

Especially if the customer service provider of the web hosting is slow to respond, it is even difficult to contact. Therefore, choose a web hosting provider that has Customer Service that is ready for 24 hours in 7 days . So, whenever we need help, they are always there🙂

These service points are sometimes closely related to the price offered. Because, often found also many web hosting providers that offer low prices, but with makeshift services.

6. Search also through recommendations

As a beginner, there’s nothing wrong with finding recommendations for quality web hosting providers . We can try this recommendation to search for friends who have bought web hosting, web hosting discussion forums in cyberspace or customer testimonials.

7. Don’t forget to consider the warranty they gave

Dropping the choice of one of the web hosting providers , means entrusting your website data and even your business to them. For that, trust your website with a trusted web hosting provider .

Especially, if they are able to provide security, uptime. So, your website data is always safe and can be accessed continuously. Also, when an obstacle occurs, they can guarantee as promised.

Well, that’s a few tips for choosing hosting , especially for those of us who are still beginners. Because, choosing the best web hosting may not be arbitrary. Especially for a young businessman, the best web hosting is one of the important things to support our business.