Benefits of Email with Your Own Domain Name

In the business world, e-mail is a necessity, because e-mail is needed to facilitate communication between employees, consumers and clients. If your company does not have a website to date, then it’s time to build a website through an Indonesian hosting service that will provide all the website needs. Besides the cheap hosting services that you will get, you can create a domain name that provides a lot of benefits for the continuity of your business. What are the benefits?


It is very clear if a company has an email with its own domain name will give a good reputation. The existence of this will make you and the company look professional, both in the eyes of fellow businessmen and consumers. Having an e-mail with your own domain name allows other people to trust you to send e-mail, and seems to have high integrity compared to using free e-mail, such as Yahoo! and Gmail.

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More directed email

This one thing can be your consideration in choosing an Indonesian hosting service for the company. By using an email service through one of the cheap hosting providers , it is ensured that email traffic will be stable and fast. This is because the e-mails you send or receive are not joined by other e-mail users around the world, as if your e-mail server is your own.


Data security is important, especially concerning company data, where all communication that exists between employees, companies, clients and customers is confidential. This will strengthen why companies must have e-mails with their own domain names and use trusted hosting services to maintain the security of company e-mail data.

Email Capacity

Free email services like Yahoo! and Gmail has a bandwidth, email capacity or user limit in a group. Meanwhile, if you use email with your own domain name, you will be more flexible in managing email storage capacity, coupled with high specifications from hosting providers that are flexible in meeting your email needs.