5 Free Web Servers for Website Deployment

At the beginning of the creation / deployment of a website one of the supporting components is the Web Server. For those of you cheap cloud hosting users, you can find several Web Server options that can be installed on Localhost PC / laptop.

The following are 5 Web Server options that can be used and used as Local Web Servers.


Maybe some of you Indonesian hosting users are no stranger to Xampp. Quoted from Wikipedia , XAMPP was developed by a project team called Apache Friends , which consisted of the Core Team ( Core Team ), Development Team ( Development Team ) & Support Team ( Support Team ). Xampp consists of the Apache HTTP Server program , and the MySQL database .

Xampp has the advantage of being easy to operate and can be run portable. XAMPP is a web server application with a large number of users in the world.

For the installation process Xammp itself can be fairly easy to try by the initial user, which is enough to download the Xampp installer file from their official site, then adjust the Xampp installer which will be downloaded with the operating system used.

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AMPPS is a Web Server application created and developed by Softaculous . AMPPS itself is equipped with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and several other applications in one package. For the database control panel itself AMPPS is equipped with PhpMyAdmin and SQL Lite Manager . AMPPS is available for Operating Systems including MS Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X.

Bitnami Stack

Quoted from the official website Bitnami Stack is a Web Server application that provides installation packages for various web-based applications that are Open Source. Bitnami Stack can be installed on Local computer or on Cloud Server. The available CMS and Open Source applications include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, Prestashop, OwnCloud, and others.

During the installation process, for example the installation of a WordPress CMS, Bitnami Stack will include a MySQL database to manage the database, and phpMyAdmin as an interface for management via the Mysql Database interface to make it easier.


WampServer is an all-in-one Installation package consisting of Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP that are integrated with each other. WampServer is available in two versions for the MS Windows Operating System, 32bit and 64bit versions. WampServer is free to download (under the GPML license ).

Features that can be found include:

  • Manage Mysql and Apache Service.
  • Update Apache, MySQL and PHP with the latest version.
  • Manage server settings.
  • And other features.


EasyPHP is an Apache, MySQL, PHP package program such as XAMPP or WAMPServer. But EasyPHP is a portable Web Server application, which can be used on portable media (Flashdisc, External HDD, etc.).

Features that can be found:

  • Easy to use.
  • IP configuration, Firewall is quite easy.
  • Ports, Timezone , Extensions are easy to configure
  • And other features.

Apart from the applications for the Web Server above, there are still many other Web Server applications that can be used. Among others :

  • The Uniform Server
  • WPN-XM
  • IIS
  • Winginx
  • Cherokee
  • And others.

Good luck and hopefully useful.